"Laughter Lost"

Laughter lost
in fits and frowns

Only a figment, 
a twinkle of an eye
when tears run dry.

Shadows of dust
Shadows of sand

A momentary lapse
into a measure of a man

Into the land of the living
where familiar smiles breed
pretense - to perceive
as a heart upon your sleeve
"Laughter", as a remembrance of giving, 
lost to disbelief
An old familiar friend

I never knew it then
Too old to start again
Too cold to count the grin
of a failed martyrdom
to grieve, for lives lost
within the plays of the dead.

Shadows of dust
Shadows of sand
I knew it when
laughter lost
its urgency to win
a pretense to belief
as a heart upon your sleeve
gaining higher ground to grieve
for lives lost
within the plays of the dead.

Shadows of dust
Shadows of sand

When laughter lost
its ability to mend, 
laughter lost an old familiar friend

in a twinkle of an eye
when tears run dry
Laughter lost
in the plays of the dead

Shadows of dust
Shadows of sand

My eyes are open.

- G.N.


Last but not least
set out to find

Tried and torn
Torn and tied
to a mirror, on the outside

To find a semblance, of kind
to match the grays
to mask the plays of mind

An impasse

Defying creation, in design
a nagging thread
of a past incline

Set out to find
a stark concave
for the heart to beat in time
to separate what is lost
from what is mine

A stark concave, 
last semblance inside
A hand to hold
a hole to hide

An impasse

When all is said and done
a star, too dim to shine
To match the grays
To mask the plays of mind

An impasse

- G.N.


Equal Share

Forever is a long time
see you in a while
The cold calculation
in a smile.

A butcher's bill
to count the days
the hallow smile strays

An equal share
split both ways,

a curse of days.

A final turn
into reflection

no lesson left to learn
no mistake is made.

An equal share
four prices paid.


- G.N.


Point Counterpoint

Point to point
no stone upturned
in a glass house
throwing shadows at the moon.

the bite and burn,
right to learn too soon.

The fight to discern
proof away.

No cause or care
the slate wiped clear,
in a stare
in the blink of an eye.

Just to justify the plight
arguing wrong and right.

Neither here nor there
in hindsight.


- G.N.



from my eyes to my grin
a passing, replaced
by movement of skin.

A missive
regarding the dream
I can not turn away
in light of all I've seen.

Please bring

light to me
to guide my way
justify today
a new light.

A beautiful rainbow.
A beautiful rainbow.

A missive
regarding accord
too bare
to speak the word.

A beautiful rainbow aglow...
from my mouth to my eyes
to show
much more than that,
much more than this

a single kiss,
much more to know.

Much more than that,
much more than this
to know
a single kiss.

Much more than that,
much more than this

to know...


- G.N.



It's past the point
of no return
frail bodies vie
for placement
to wait their turn

Until they hang
on a less traveled road

heaven made, to see
with a fire in the eye
and an aching in the blood
an inkling, to realize
if I only could...
I would
make a mess of what is good

Temporary release
another trick to calm the beast
laying silently at my feet
below the mercy seat

All is over now - past due
All is a dream

Another cast 
to validate the unseen

A burden and a cause
selflessly mean
because, a wraith has no plan
to witness an unseen man
flogging in a mask
too difficult to task
to simply ask

It's past the point
of no return

Another cast
to validate the last
Too late
to wait your turn


- G.N.


As futures rewind

The bitter truth, when told
A truth untried
Tied to a trailing tongue

A thankless anchor inside
In a flash of blindness

Mistaking truth for kindness
when the argument applies.

Over a thousand centuries
a tale of what the future brings
Prediction, final outcome
an end to all things.

An end to all
that preoccupied the curiously inclined
Equating life within comparison
to compromise.

As futures rewind
when the night is young
you will find
the truth that tied the tongue
to the mysteries of time
as a perception of the mind.

As death closes in
A crutch to carry weight
as to how the truth had lied
to stir the conflict inside
as vanity
a petty pride

when galaxies collide.


- G.N.


A Second sight

A second sight
into the impossible.

A portrait of self
when push comes to shove
only an imitation of
lust for life

and beyond compare
To love to spite.

Try as you will
Try as you might

to love to despair
to fight
the agony of discord

a gathering toward
the light.

Try as you will.
Try as you might.
Into the impossible
to fight.





no catalyst

Tables turned
a simile ingrained
for disinterest
born of happenstance
to gain

a catalyst to carry
a wasted equivalent of light
past threshold, upended
imitation of life

Pitifully portrayed
an anchor weighed, by strife
A life less lived

expressionist mockery
into voiceless abyss
Flogging truth
sorely missed

No catalyst

Tables turned
from the start
A knife
that pierced the heart

to punctuate infinity
by death, to start
recompense for agony
as imitation of art
All this, right from the start

sorely missed
the weighing narrative...


- G.N.


error is human

object of demand
self perceived
subject at hand.

The intangible trap
an avenue
to overlap
A cause
that's seemingly good

corrupt at its core
self serving testament
of the righteous whore.

A manifest
professing the righteous blessing
to bear the stain

Never to profess
the blame,
the shame
for all that is human
all that is humane.

Contingent upon a feeding
a sustenance short lived

ample supply
to pacify
a notion that you might give
greater than the common man
to feed on the right to live.

The flaw
within humanity
to champion its worth

A bleeding martyrdom
to imitate its birth.

Singular in question
when questioning the curse
A badge on its sleeve
to self profess a life's worth.

A monument.
A test
to confess
a calling with demand
to shed the skin of the animal
toward a higher plan.

Do you understand?...


- G.N.


existence paramount

No escape
Tell tale disguise
A Holy harlot
veil of lies
happily deprived

Enclosed, failed outcomes
grind into dust
the strength to muster
more than the God you trust
to realize enough.

Message from the cosmos
to the animal inside,
the voice in the vacuum,
the banished bride.

A slanted twist
toward the iron fist
that beats inside.

A devil
and a detail,
a personal plan.
Category commonplace
killed the sanctity in man

Made in an image
less than an
immaculate beast
tried against the excess,
built upon the least.

A grain of something less than
wisdom released,
with destiny to blame.

I understand the slumber
The reckoning of fate.
A man without a number,
a casualty all the same.

The cry in the darkness
echoes the deafened ear,
bound by reckless abandon,
a cause for remembrance
to be forgotten

The future is clear,
unlike the vision in the mirror.

So happy... to be here.


- G.N.


contradicting the plot

Making sense
reoccurring accidents
a device of plan
severing the hand
for offending the plot

Contradicting all that is
for the sake of what is not

A life of shadows
gaining ground
a shade of self
reliant on feeling
destruction in plan
severed at the hand

For all that is
and all that is not

Contradicting the plot.


- G.N.


to love one's enemy

Pre-invention wrote the clause
settling unwritten laws
of what was
an unsettling demise.

To love
and despise.
For a cause - a prize
to build on lies.

To understand enough to kill
To love one's enemy to steal
the intuitive reckoning
from the primary argument - the real.

Bare as death in dust
to feel
duplicity in nature
swallowing its tail
barreling into itself
to hail
a vacancy
more sacred than demand

To uphold a standard of self
To stifle self
to understand

a bolder breath in life
as the greater worth.
The casualty of birth.

A cause for reckoning
to see...

To love one's enemy.




not even one

The criminal succeeds
a great blasphemy
Thousands of years
over a century

Unbeknownst to most
to have known
the cause of death
as trivial when shown

Envisioning a new life.
Is it a sin to strive
for what once was perfect
when alive?

Boundaries upheld
before the collapse
when lack of restriction
as freedom
took up the slack

A tale to the new blood
the reason for all that is shed
The count of blessings
when tossing in bed.

The court of appeal
To lose another sleepless night.
Advancing wasted time
toward the light.

The criminal succeeds 
only when
others fail to question
the greater sin,
as a means to an end.

Only half a century
and even then...

Boundaries upheld,
still you call this strife?
Hiding as a dying art
giving shelter to life.

A common cause
and still unbeknownst to some,
to fail so readily.
To question the days to come.

Still a higher calling for some
Waiting for a sign...

Not even one.


- G.N.


busy bees

Busy bees
is it me?...
or is it you?

Do you wonder
what it is to live again,
in memory?
to spin away?...

A grin
to rue the day.

a tear on your face
Make haste.

A vision of a nation replaced
A cause to question creation
to face
an unknown fear.

Respectively revered
Life expectancy revealed
many a man who ruled his fate
too late.


- G.N.


beginnings without ends

Sooner or later
when time ties a string
much greater than want
for pride or feeling

I scarcely knew at the time
for lack of trying to find

Beginnings without ends
into beginnings over time

falters in fleeting
reserved to never find
solace in seeking
a single one of its kind

The unbending latitude 
of the sleeping mind
leading the blind.


- G.N.


souls lost

Preoccupied with vision
Slow to recognize the cost
Desperation and decision
Souls Lost

Souls Lost

An aching tooth taking
sympathy for the making
of a larger than life self
Less than self itself

Personality made
an albatross
forced for forsaking
souls lost

Self serving reasoning
carrion on the cross
worn as sackcloth
worshiping circumstance
at far too great a cost

Souls Lost
Souls Lost


- G.N.



through which, to gather toward
an untimely end

with which to harbor
reckless abandon

Mindless chatter
The plenty cup

Without an ear to lend
To listen up...
or play pretend

From the dust and the hallow
the way two roads meet
past tomorrow

A handshake
the catch, toward
to tie me in
To strike the bargain.



- G.N.