Phoenix Siren releases new e.p. "Disguise of a Tell Tale Heart"

Oct. 1st 2015 release of the new e.p. by Phoenix Siren "Disguise of a Tell Tale Heart"
available on for delivery, or digital download.

01 Laughter Lost
02 Impasse
03 Healing an Orange Winged Heart

Special Thanks to:
Alan Chambers, Christine Rupert, Jayme Mizera, and Tamarisk Wood.

produced and recorded 2015 in Las Vegas, NV by Siren X

Phoenix Siren

Las Vegas, NV

A BRAINCHILD OF THE ANGULAR, YET LUCID DREAMS PERTAINING TO INCARNATIONS OF MORTALITY. Recording artists from Las Vegas, NV, Geoff Novak and Jason Sjolie (Morgana Athena, Central Soul Fire, Out of Order, Scenic Fires) have collaborated together since the 1990's remaining comfortably within the shroud of the Las Vegas music underground. Phoenix Siren, their most recent undertaking, is an intellectually charged self explorative, inspired by universal and spiritual ideas, centered around the concept of rebirth, and translatable sacrifice within the human experience. Minimalist to atmospheric, the band leans toward an expressionist blend of Alternative and Avant-Garde genres, influenced by post-punk and experimental music. The 2015 debut album "Absolutes", available on iTunes, and on cd from the band's website, with 16 songs (66 minutes), is a culmination of past decades, channeling an eclectic process of inspiration toward the signature themes surrounding Phoenix Siren, as a concept. "Absolutes", dark, and edgy with patches of sunshine, imparts a journey into the recesses of perception, considering questions as answerables, rooted in age old pretense, as a catharsis toward enlightenment. Phoenix Siren is produced and recorded by Siren X, a production company out of Las Vegas, NV. For Live Bookings call (702)720-6638 or by e-mail at: